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MBBS in Russia Eligibility

Study MBBS in Russia – Know Eligibility Criteria, Fee Structure and Admission process for Indian Students. For the last 15-20 years, it has been surveyed that a large number of Students from all over the world are coming to the country for MBBS in Russia. Russia seems to be a home for many medical students. 

MBBS Admission Process in Russia

Russian Medical Universities do not require Indian students to pass any entrance exams like the NEET, ILETS,GRE, TOEFL, CET etc for getting admission in Russian medical colleges for MBBS, MD, and MS. MBBS Admission in Russian medical colleges are on a first come first served basis, subject to the candidate satisfying the eligibility requirements set by the Medical/Dental Council of India or the appropriate authority in other countries.

Benefits of Studing in Russia

Benefits of MBBS in Russia: Foreign countries became the most well-liked destinations for the students. Among the foremost most popular foreign countries for higher studies, Russia is rising one of the chosen places to study MBBS. Medical studies area unit of late luring several students across the world and Russia is that the one such country that’s providing wonderful choices for international students.

What Our Students Say

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I come from a small town called Madhubani in the Indian state of Bihar where it is difficult for a girl to imagine to study medicine, leave alone going abroad to do so. But I feel lucky that I found Russedu who made my seemingly difficult journey very smooth. Today I am studying in CMA.

Puja Priya 1st year student at Crimea Medical Academy
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I am a doctor and hence, I know the importance of making the right choice before it is too late to be able to make any. Therefore, when it came to choosing a university for my son I chose RNRMU. No need to give a second thought when you are choosing the best.

Dr. Suvarna Mistry Famous Doctor in Mumbai- son, Danish Mistry, Studying in Russian National Research Medical University
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I come from the city of Jamshedpur in eastern India. Being an industrial hub and most of the people well to do, one cannot generally see the lack of access to good healthcare. But when I saw the surrounding areas, I was filled with the desire to do something to make medical facilities more easily available to all. That is why I joined RNRMU because this institute gives a whole new perspective towards medicine and cure.

Sailesh Kr. Mandal 1st year student at Russian National Research Medical University
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While I was preparing for my medical entrance examinations during my plus two, I felt like I had become a part of a rat race and was simply going mad but not getting anywhere. It was at this stage that I decided to take the bigger leap and do something that would change my life. After joining RNRMU, I felt like I found the perfect place to study in peace and focus my energy in a constructive way.

Mubbariz Mukkadan 1st year student in Russian National Research Medical University
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How many of us Indians can transform our dream of studying abroad into reality? I guess very few. But I feel that I found the right guidance at the right time from Russedu who found a cheaper but better than most colleges for me. I am studying in RNRMU only because of the help from Russedu.

Ishan Anand From Gorakhpur
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Many people must have visited Russia from my city but I feel a sense of purpose for being here- being able to learn, being able to develop a vision, to prove myself. But I would not have been able to even know my capabilities if I had not been able to reach an academy like RNRMU. This place gives to vision to see and wings to fly.

Srishty Mehrotra 1st year student in Russian National Research Medical University from Kanpur
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I am from a mid- sized town and for me studies have always been about cut throat competition and despite that no one guarantees you success. But in a place like RNRMU, they first remove the stiff competition and make your mind reach its creative and innovative best in a relaxed environment. All you get to from here is great success and you never realize when you have done something big.

Ayushi Sharma 1st year student in Russian National Research Medical University from Jamshedpur
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I always wanted to make a difference to the world and that is why I chose to study medicine. But simply going to a regular college would not give you the edge that you need to create a difference. Today I can say that RNRMU has given me that edge over others.

Archana Ist year student at Russian National Research Medical University from Kerala
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As a parent in today's competitive world, you are always worried about your child's career until he has found a reputed institution that is capable of shaping his future. Today I am rid of my worries as my son has got the best in the form of RNRMU.

Dr. Mukkadam (Father of Mubbariz, student of Russian National Research Medical University)
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Being in the profession myself, I am aware how difficult it is to get into a medical school and that too one like RNRMU, which is one of the premier institutions in the world. I was lucky that I found help from Russedu.

Dr. Anand Tripathi (Father of Ishaan, student of Russian National Research Medical University)


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