Study MBBS in Russia


The Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University) is one of the world-leading engineering universities dedicated to aerospace technologies. MAI is a unique institute of higher education where a thorough theoretical knowledge combines with various practical skills. More than 120 laboratories, 3 student design offices, numerous computer centers, an experimental-design factory the MAI was ranked among the 12 best universities of the Russian Federation. The rank of a “National research university of aeronautical and astronautical engineering” was conferred to our institute by decision of the Russian Government. The Moscow Aviation Institute is an advancing multiple-discipline academic and research center which provides students with the current-technology knowledge to rank as a qualified scientist and engineer all over the world.

Aviation Courses:

Aeronautical Engineering

The School of “Aeronautical engineering” was founded among the first MAI schools in 1930 and meant for training engineers for Russian aircraft industry. It became a base for development of other MAI schools. The school trains highly skilled engineers for aeronautical design Our graduates work at the designing of flying vehicles for various purposes including the estimation of their effectiveness and conceptual design, in aerodynamics and flight dynamics, certification (standardization) and flightworthiness testing.

Engines for Flying Vehicles

The School is a world’s first academic center which provides training facilities and research in theory, design and manufacturing technologies of all types engines for modern flying vehicles including jet engines for aircraft and helicopters; liquid and electric rocket engines and power plants for space vehicles.

Radio Electronics for Flying Vehicles

The School’s curriculum covers the engineering support of the whole life cycle of the electronic equipment starting from its design and development to manufacturing technology, operation and maintenance. This includes their full technological maintenance from the account of performances and designing antennas, to receiving, transmitting, computing and cybernetic systems; development of special software, and system integration before operation, set-up and repair of television, radar-tracking and radio telephone systems, and the creation the development of information webs and the latest information technologies.

Astronautical and Rocket Engineering

The school curriculum offers majors such as: Spacecraft and Rocket Systems, Flight Dynamics and Control, Large-Scaled Aerospace Complexes, Flighing Vehicle Structure Strength and Thermal Modes of Operation, Spacecraft and Rockets Manufacturing (including orbital assembly), Life Support and Emergency Crew-rescue Systems, Air-hydrodynamics, Aerospace CAD/CAM, etc. The Aerospace School also offers students minor courses in: Ecology, Earth Observation, Foreign languages, Industrial Management, Computers and other.

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