Study MBBS in Ukraine

MBBS In Ukraine

Ukraine has been emerging as the most prospering career destination for many medical career aspirants in India. For the last few decades, the students from India and other countries have been flocking there to make a bright career in different disciplines of medical science.

If you aspire to pursue an MBBS degree at moderate fees, you must fly to Ukraine with Rusasia.  The country offers viable options to take admission in MBBS courses offered by the top government medical universities in Ukraine. Explore these opportunities with Rusasia, your friend, philosopher, and guide to study MBBS in Ukraine. We are committed to fulfilling your dream of making a bright medical career.

About Ukraine

Located in Eastern Europe at the northwest end of the Black Sea, Ukraine is a prosperous country sharing its borders with Belarus to the north, Romania to the south and west, Russia to the east, Poland to the northwest, and Slovakia and Hungary to the west. This is the second-largest country ranking fourth in Europe for keeping the largest number of postgraduate degree holders in fields of medicine.

The country has a record number of top government medical universities offering MBBS, MD and other medical degrees in different disciplines. Both the local students and international students can equally take part in these. Needless to say, almost all the medical universities in Ukraine are approved and accredited by the world’s most respected regulatory bodies like WHO (World Health Organization), UNESCO (The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization), etc.

Study MBBS In Ukraine

There is no doubt that Ukraine is gaining increasing attention from the international students interested in making a high-profile medical career. The students thinking of studying MBBS abroad cannot help considering Ukraine as their first priority place for a number of reasons like global recognition, affordable course fees, world-class infrastructure, and advanced education system. Both the native and foreign students get an equal right and scope of better learning, keeping a perfect balance between theoretical and practical knowledge.

Another interesting thing is that the bachelor degree offered by medical universities in Ukraine is MD physician which is often misunderstood as a master degree in a country like India. Originally, this degree is a bachelor degree and equivalent to an MBBS degree in India as per MCI (Medical Council of India). However, common people in India mistakenly equalize it with an MD degree (Doctor of medicine) in India. This definitely goes in favor of the doctors completed their bachelor degrees from the Government Medical Universities in Ukraine. Furthermore, students who complete their MBBS degrees from the government recognized medical universities in Ukraine can apply for the relevant medical jobs and practice anywhere in the world.

The duration of MBBS courses in Ukraine is 5.8 years. To get admission to a top medical college in Ukraine, a student does not need to score qualifying marks or at least to pass any entrance examination. The admission is offered on a first come, first serve basis.  The country offers many favorable conditions for the aspiring students to make their dreams come true. Global Medical Foundation (GMF) allows direct admission in the top Universities that have the reputation for offering the highest quality education at the lowest fees.

For the above-mentioned reasons, many students from India and abroad go to study MBBS in Ukraine in the following popular medical fields.

Given below are these:

The duration of this medical course is nearly 6 years. The degree is awarded as the doctor of medicine (MD or MBBS)

The duration of the dental courses is 5 years. The degree offered to the students is the bachelor of dental surgery or BDS.

The duration of the course is 5-6 years, depending on the university. The degree awarded to the students is Doctor of Medicine (pediatrician).

The duration of the course is 2-6 years, depending on the name of the program.

ADN (Advanced Diploma in Nursing): This is a 2 year Junior Specialist Program.

BSN (Bachelors of Science in Nursing): It is a 4-year bachelor degree program. The degree offered is Bachelors of Science in Nursing.

MSN (Masters of Science in Nursing): It is a 2 year Master Degree Program. The name of the degree is Masters of Science in Nursing.

Why Study MBBS In Ukraine?

The medical universities offering MBBS courses in Ukraine follow advanced teaching method and state-of-the-art education infrastructure. The Ukraine Government works very closely with these universities for the improvement, advancement and development of medical education. The government is fully committed to creating a favorable medical atmosphere in the country. Almost all medical colleges and universities receive constant support and required help from the government for maintaining the infrastructure and standard of education. Medical degrees offered by the Government Medical Universities in Ukraine are globally accepted. These universities are recognized and approved by global and national regulatory bodies like UNESCO, WHO, MCI and medical councils of other counties. After the completion of their degrees, the students can work in any part of the world.

Why Study MBBS In Ukraine

Given below are the important factors that attract the foreign students to study MBBS in Ukraine:

  1. World-class education infrastructure and state-of-the-art medical education system
  2. Ukraine Government is very supportive. It patronizes medical education and helps the universities to resolve any financial issue for the development of education infrastructure and improvement of the medical education system.
  3. The course fees in different disciplines are much lower.
  4. No donation for getting admission in MBBS courses
  5. Foreign students can learn in English medium.
  6. The students are encouraged to take part in various international seminars and conferences.
  7. Better opportunities for learning in a healthy atmosphere, keeping a balance between theoretical and practical classes.
  8. Ukraine is one the safest countries to study and live in there.
  9. Lower living cost
  10. On campus living facilities at lower prices (as the government offers a subsidy for the students studying MBBS and other medical degrees with no matter they are native or foreign students)
  11. Fresh and quality foods at affordable prices
  12. A beautiful environment for living and studying there.

The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine keeps a close look at the environment for studying in each medical college and checks the standard of education each year. Consequently, the colleges offer the best value for medical education in terms of quality, infrastructure and cost. They receive consistent help from the Ukraine government for maintaining the world-class standard of education. For the last few years, Indian students opting to study MBBS in Ukraine have been making a successful career and getting golden opportunities to practice in many reputable government hospitals and private nursing homes in India.

The Admission Process To Study MBBS In Ukraine

Getting admission in MBBS courses in Ukraine is much easier. Medical universities in Ukraine do not take any entrance test examinations like NEET, TOEFL or IELTS. Therefore, there is no chance of securing lower marks in an entrance examination and staying below or not in the panellist. You can directly take admission in top medical colleges and universities without undergoing any written or screening test when you score minimum 50% marks (in the case of unreserved candidates) or 40% (for SC, ST and OBC candidates) in aggregate in the 12th standard examination.

Given below are the required criteria:

  1. A student must be minim 17 years of old on or before 31st
  2. A candidate must pass 10+2 or equivalent examination.
  3. Unreserved candidates must receive 50% marks in 10+2 examination, whereas SC, ST and OBC candidates need to obtain only 40% marks in aggregate in the 12th standard examination.
  4. MCI issues the eligibility certificates to the medical universities in Ukraine. Students need to check these before taking admission in a university.
  5. Students opting to study MBBS in foreign universities need to undergo NEET examination and clear it. It will come into effect on May 01, 2018.

Worldwide Recognition By Studying MBBS In Ukraine :-

It is primarily required for any of the students to have its degree to be recognized worldwide. This will require that its university is having the corresponding type of recognition. A number of universities which are available here are recognized worldwide. One should select the right kind of university so that they can get respective kind of exposure at the world level.

As you study in the university having world recognition, you will also get a chance to get a job at different locations of the world. This will help you to get all the desired exposure and also the career opportunities which you require for exploring further in your career path. Even you can visit each of the different international locations which you might get a chance due to the job opportunities which you get over there.

A number of universities which are located here are known in a number of different nations which are located in different parts of the world. This helps the students of this university to be well-known by the name of the university in which they are studying. It will help them to develop desired career path which they want to pursue with the desired dedication which they have for them.

Colleges For MBBS In Ukraine :-

Medical courses in Ukraine attract a lot of students from other countries over the recent years. This is because they cost low allowing a student to earn a degree with ease. There are many medical colleges in Ukraine which offer MBBS programs with modern amenities enabling the students to accomplish goals in the studies. It is a dream of students to study medical degrees in abroad at affordable rates and most of them prefer Ukraine for fulfilling their expectations. However, there are many things to know before seeking admission in Ukrainian medical colleges for completing a course without any difficulties.

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