North Ossetian State Medical, Vladikavkaz

North Ossetia State Medical Academy is one of the best MBBS colleges in Russia which is the center for higher medical and pharmaceutical education. It was established in 1939 in the Vladikavkaz city of North Ossetia. The institute moved to Yerevan city because of World War II in 1942. It was transferred back to Vladikavkaz in 1943. In 1947 a new pediatrics faculty was opened. In 1988 a new faculty of advance medicine was introduced. In 1993, dental faculty was introduced. 

The country ranking of this medical college in Russia is 374 while the international ranking is 14315. People from near and far take admission for MBBS in North Ossetia State Medical Academy. 

History of North Ossetian State Medical

The North Ossetia State Medical has 39 departments in total with around 470 teaching staff. They are highly trained and experts in their field. They make sure that the students get the best out of them and absorb as much knowledge as possible. There are 7 faculties in the University which are as follows:

  • Pharmacy
  • General Medicine
  • Dentistry/Stomatology
  • Higher Nursing Education
  • Preventive medicine
  • Pediatrics


The University constitutes of private clinics, research laboratories, practical training centers, libraries, Computer classes, etc. It is an MCI recognized medical college in Russia which delivers a full time (6 years) course in English. 

Every year the intake of the University is around 2000-3000. North Ossetia State Medical provides hostel accommodation to both national and international students. The room varies according to your preference. Generally, the room is shared by 2 to 3 students. One can take a single occupancy as well. The rooms are fully furnished and provide full security to all the international students. The hostel also provides internet service, laundry and landline service for the students. They make you feel like home.

The fees for MBBS in Russia are 5000 USD for the 1st year while 4000 USD per year for 2nd to 6th year. The hostel fees are 400 USD per year. Other living expenses in Russia for the 1st year of arrival are slightly higher as they include documentation fees as well. It is about 2000 USD. It includes your medical insurance, medical checkups, verification of documents, etc. The personal expenses in Russia are about 150 USD per month for the students.

City and Climate

The Vladikavkaz city is a soothing place to live in. It has a cold and temperate climate. The city experiences a significant amount of rainfall during the year.

If you want to get admission to Russia MBBS college you just have to fill the application form with necessary documents and identity proofs.  

Now, Russasia will apply for the student’s invitation letter for the visa at the University. It Takes around 15 to 20 days. At this stage students should submit his/her passport.

Now after receiving the invitation letter and passport, Rusasia will apply for the students Visa and once the Visa is stamped on passport student can start preparing to fly to reach his desired destination.

North Ossetian State Medical is one of the best MBBS colleges in Russia.

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