Peoples’ Friendship Medical University of Russia.

Peoples’ Friendship Medical University of Russia.
The University was founded on 5th February, 1960 by the USSR Government. On 22nd February, 1961, the RUDN University was named after Patrice Lumumba — one of the symbols of the African people’ fight for independence. Students and academics could be free to pursue their learning, teaching, and research activities without being subject to political context, but firmly directed to the grand principles of friendship and mutual support. On February 5, 1992, by the decision of the Government of Russia, the University was renamed to Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia.
For its 59-year history, the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia has gained worldwide fame and won a well-deserved reputation as a classical university, which for many years occupies the highest places among the best Russian universities and is rapidly rising in international rankings.

Now If as an Indian student, you are looking to study MBBS in Russia, Moscow is definitely the best place to be in People Friendship University. 1960 and has alumni of more than 20,000 medical professionals completing their MD and now working in every corner of the world! Naturally, being the capital of this European country with grand city, it has lots of things to offer and most of them would be the best of Russia. So if you decide to study MBBS in Europe, Russia is a good choice. If you choose Russia, Moscow would be a great choice. And finally, if you choose to study at People Friendship University (‘A Graded by WHO) in Moscow, you cannot ask for more! All ‘A’ Grade universities are available only in top cities such as Moscow and St Petersburg. People Friendship University has more than 100,000 students with more than 15,000 international students from 140 countries. In 1990, the university felicitated their 50,000th graduate (from all the different faculties / streams) and by 2015, around 7,000 medical doctors have been given their degrees! Students can also study at this top medical college of Russia. Available Tools

Our Students from Peoples’ Friendship Medical University of Russia.

The Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia is one of the leading state higher educational institutions of Russia. The university has a multi profile structure of faculties and majors. More than 77,000 graduates of the university work in 170 countries, among them more than 5,500 holders of PhD and Doctorate degrees. Lecturers train specialists in 62 majors and lines of study. More than 29,000 graduate and postgraduate students from 140 countries studying at the university as of 2014. They represent more than 450 nations and nationalities of the world. It has a team of 4,500 employees, among them 2,826 teachers. The university intellectual fund comprises more than 870 author’s invention certificates and 150 patents of the Russian Federation in practically all fields of the university’s scientific research.

Our Student from Peoples’ Friendship Medical University of Russia.

In the five-story buildings
1-8 blocks the toilet, wash basin and kitchen are on each floor. Shower cabins, laundry, ironing rooms and a luggage room are located on the ground floor.
•In five-story buildings, all rooms are designed for 2-3 people.
•There are also double superior rooms with an improved layout, bathroom, refrigerator, TV, the possibility of connecting additional household appliances in agreement with the University.
High-rise buildings
are apartment dormitories.The rooms are designed for a comfortable stay of two or three people. The apartment has a bathroom and toilet. The kitchen is on the floor (9,10,11 blocks) or in the apartment (12,13,14 block). All high-rise buildings are equipped with elevators.
•In apartments of high-rise buildings, all rooms are designed for comfortable accommodation of 2-3 people. Apartments are of 1-4 rooms.
•The area of all rooms is 14 – 18 sq.m.
Students’ research initiatives and projects are discussed and implemented in scientific circles and students’ scientific societies of faculties, institutes, academies.
Nowadays, there are more than 500 active members from different countries of the world at Students’ Scientific Society of the RUDN. Students represent the university at scientific conferences, competitions, skills contests, tournaments.

The student hostels of PFUR on Miklukho-Maklaya street
The main campus of PFUR is situated along Miklukho-Maklaya Street starting from Leninsky Prospect in the direction of Volgina Street. On the even-numbered side you can find: The main building of PFUR (called the “Cross”), buildings of the Faculties of Medicine and Agriculture, and also the sport complex, the polyclinic, the archives and the new building of the Faculty of the Russian Language and general educational disciplines, the building of natural sciences and humanitarian faculties hosting the Faculty of Humanitarian and Social Sciences, the Institute of Hotel Business and Tourism (IHBT), the Institute for International Programs (IIP), and the Institute of Supplementary Professional Education’s postgraduate department.


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