Pirogov National Research Medical University

Russian National Research Medical University, Moscow

Russia is a country with some of the best infrastructures and facilities. They provide quality knowledge and have distinct teaching methods. This is the reason why Russia is one of the most preferred locations when it comes to doing MBBS in abroad.

History of Russian National Research Medical University

One of the most common names in Russia among Russian medical college is the Russian National Research Medical University. It was established in 1906 in Moscow, Russia. It is the authority of the Ministry of Health and Social Development. It is recognized by the Ministry of science and education. It is one of the largest medical institutes and first-ever institutes that provide medical education to women. It is one of the best MBBS colleges in Russia which is ranked 15th in the country and 2796 worldwide.

Russian National Research Medical University is MCI recognized University that provides the full 6 years course in English. This is the reason why it attracts international students as well. It is one of the largest medical institutes in Europe. Currently, there are about 9200 students enrolled in the University across 115 departments.

The faculties of the Russian National Research Medical University comprise of:

  • Therapeutic faculty
  • Pediatric faculty
  • Medicobiologic faculty
  • Dentists’ faculty
  • Pharmaceutical faculty

This MBBS college in Russia is a little expensive as compared to other colleges. The fees for the 1st year are 8850 USD while from 2nd to 6th year it is 8150 USD. It includes tuition fees, hostel fees, and medical insurance fees.

City and Climate

Orenburg city lies 1400 km east of Moscow. The climate of Orenburg remains continental. The summers are very hot and dry while the winters are moderately cold. The temperature lies between 5 degrees to 40 degrees. The minimum temperature of the city is -10 degrees while the maximum is +40 degrees.

The student’s life is much happening in the Russian National Research Medical University. The hostel room is usually shared between 2 to3 students depending upon the size of the room. They are provided with all the necessary logistics. Multi-cuisine food is served at the hostels. Apart from the studies, extracurricular activities are also looked upon. Various competitions are played across the campus. Students can choose from various sports like football, volleyball, tennis, gym, etc. Various charity events are also held at the University.

Students with average marks in their 12th can also apply for this college. The mandatory exam that one needs to give is NEET. Once the application form is accepted by the University, you need to complete the basic paperwork and you can join the college. 


MBBS in Russia is a bigger platform. It gives you a wider scope to learn and grow. If you want a good exposure, you can definitely choose this college. It takes care of international students very well. So, what are you waiting for? Get admission in MBBS college of Russia today!

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