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Keeping pace with the population explosion in India, the demand for more doctors has been increasing in the country. Indian medical infrastructure is no so sound to meet the increasing demand of the day. Consequently, the trend of studying MBBS abroad is getting more popular than ever before.

MBBS in abroad for Indian students

Needless to say, the medical aspirants in India are always resourceful to study MBBS abroad. Their keenness to explore new outskirts and make a bright career in the medical field has encouraged them to have ‘Abroad Education’. If you have a dream of becoming a recognized doctor without wasting your time for undergoing various entrance tests and counselling processes, you can study MBBS abroad in many foreign countries like Ukraine, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Germany, etc. However, choosing one MCI-approved medical university or institution is always advisable. Their education infrastructures are excellent. MCI approved universities and colleges abroad offer world-class medical education and both theoretical and practical classes in the most advanced laboratories and modern libraries at lower tuition fees. They have special one-on-one training facilities for the slowest performer. Moreover, to make everything easily understandable for the foreign students, a vast majority of the MCI approved medical colleges and universities in abroad facilities English medium teaching method.

Why Study MBBS Abroad

Curriculum at the dentistry faculty is provided for 5 academic years. The students go through the basic subjects of medical and biological profile, as well as various clinical disciplines, which are so necessary for a dentist. On condition of successful completion of study the graduates are given the Diploma of a doctor – dentist. The curriculum foresees the further postgraduate education. The degree awarded is BDS.

  • MCI approved medical colleges and universities offering world-class medical education at lower tuition fees
  • Students do not need to sit for an entrance exam. They get direct admission based on 12th standard or an equivalent exam.
  • The medical universities and colleges approved by MCI are the local government universities in respective countries.
  • Medical universities and colleges abroad ask for no donation and capitation fees.
  • There are scholarship facilities for the foreign students.
  • MBBS offered by medical universities and colleges abroad are globally accepted. It means after completion of their degrees, they can practice anywhere in the world.
  • Many pass-out-students have been working at many reputable private, public and government hospitals in India.
  • The tuition fees in those universities are lower than the medical colleges and universities in India. It ranges between 1 lakh and 4 lakhs per year.
  • The living cost and studying atmosphere in many countries are almost like India. Say for an example, Kyrgyzstan offers almost similar weathers like the cities and states in North India.
  • Many medical hostels facilitate Indian foods
  • Living cost in many countries is a bit lower than India.
  • Hostel fees and other costs in some cases much lower than India
  • Many medical universities and colleges abroad encourage students to take part in many international seminars and conferences. Thais helps them become perfect
  • Medical universities located abroad are recognized and accredited by many national and global medical bodies like WHO, UNESCO, MCI, and the Medical Councils of many other countries.
  • MBBS in Abroad makes freedom and increase critical thinking abilities.
  • MBBS programs abroad enhance your social responsibilities and relational abilities
  • Studying MBBS abroad makes you perfect and open better prospects for you.
  • Abroad Medical programs open new sides and opportunities to learn about the latest innovation. It gives new ideas and thoughts to you.

It is worthy to mention here that each pass-out-student from the foreign medical colleges and universities must clear FMGE Exam / MCI Screening Test (conducted by NBE) to practice in India.

However, there is a way out for the students who do not want to appear for the MCI Screening Test. They have to go for MBBS in USA program. As per MCI regulations, if any student can complete his or her medical study up to PG from any of the five English-speaking countries, he or she does not need to appear for the MCI test and clear it.

MCI Screening Test or FMGE Test includes 19 subjects taught in the MBBS courses in India. Those who have been studying MBBS for 6 years abroad can take part to crack the entrance test for MD / MS in India.

Countries known well for offering cutting-edge MBBS programs abroad are:


How to select medical universities and colleges to study MBBS abroad

  • There are a number of things to consider before choosing a medical college and university abroad
  • Your budget for it
  • Whether the institution is approved by MCI (Medical Council of India)
  • Check the grade of the university.
  • Years of experience in teaching MBBS courses
  • Wither it offer education in English medium
  • The size of the hospital affiliations and the number of hospital beds available.
  • Library size, practical class facility in a well-equipped modern laboratory
  • Any canteen providing Indian food
  • Tuition fees and the hostel costs of the university
  • Whether the Indian students studying there

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