Why mostly Indian students prefer studying MBBS in Russia?

Most of the Indian science student’s dream of becoming a doctor one day. However, the path to fulfilling this dream is not that easy as it may sound. The first thing to remember before pursuing this career is to know where you would like to continue your MBBS dream!

Russia is the number one destination for students, mainly because this country is said to provide the best infrastructure when it comes to the medical course. Some of the reasons why Russia is considered to be the best destination for pursuing MBBS is its climate condition, cost of living, and also the availability of some of the top-ranked Universities for MBBS. 

MBBS in Russia For Indian Students opens the perfect door for everyone who wants to pursue MBBS from renowned and top Universities of Russia.

Here are some of the top reasons why Indian students prefer Russia to pursue MBBS course. 

1. Availability of Top Medical Universities

When it comes to medical Universities in Russia, most of them are recognized by MCI, WHO, and other top-ranked institution; this is the reason why it becomes easier for students who have pursued their medical careers in Russia get hired by the best and world-class hospitals.

2. The Syllabus is in English Medium

Indian students who are looking for a medicine course in Russia in the English language would be glad to know that most of the top medical Universities offer their course in English. Which means no Indian student will suffer from the language barrier.

3. Affordable Fee Structure

The first thing that anyone would be looking for before applying for any of the universities for MBBS is the low fee cost. The fee structure of Russian medical colleges is affordable, and that’s why become one of the reasons for Indian students to apply for Russian medical Universities. Studying in Russia and MBBS cost is always easy on pockets. The fee structure of MBBS in Russia starts from 18 lakhs and goes up to 25 lakhs, which is quite affordable. The fee structure will vary from one University to another.

4. Global Recognition

Indian students who have completed their MBBS course from Russia are often well-recognized, and they don’t find it challenging to be hired by some of the best hospitals from all over the world. Russia for the MBBS study is well-recognized in India as well, making it easier for the students to come back to their country after completing their course.

5. No Donation

India has a bad reputation that most of the private Universities accept donations for a seat. However, Russian Universities will never ask for any donation to offer you a seat. Your admission to any of the Russian MBBS universities will ultimately depend on your NEET score, and that’s about it.

6. Good Infrastructure

Here is another reason that pushes Indian students to Russia to pursue their MBBS course. The campuses are well equipped with cutting-edge technology equipment that is needed to pursue this course. From class centers to teaching staff, everything is on par. Plus, most of the Universities also offer their own dormitories as well, which are a type of low-cost accommodation. You will find all the necessary commodities that you want to complete your MBBS course.


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